The Murray Family

This story actually begins with my lovely neighbor Susan.  I met Susan not long after I moved into my new place, and we bonded instantly. Like sisters!  So it is only natural that I should finally get to meet her real sister, Colleen.  I had the pleasure of meeting Colleen, her husband Mike, and their precious daughter Megan this past Saturday at their home in Larkspur.  And what a gorgeous weekend for it! Despite the fact that it was the coldest day of the week, it was still unusually warm and enjoyable for this time of year.  We took advantage of the soft light that flooded their family room, and then ventured outside to catch the golden light of the setting sun.  Megan was a perfect angel in front of the camera, and even Buck managed to sit still for a few shots. What a beautiful family!
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Sweet Celebrations

If you’re ever in the market for something sweet to serve at an event, give to your clients as a thank you gift, or send to a loved one as a military care package, go see the ladies at Sweet Celebrations!  I stopped by this week, and  aside from having the opportunity to taste some wonderful desserts (that was tough!), it was a chance to get to know the partners and learn more about what they do.

Mary Guthery, owner of the Rocky Mountain Shortbread Company, started Sweet Celebrations just over a year ago.  She has since been joined by Jenny Williams of Chocoholic, Amanda Adams of The Sugar Plum Cake Shoppe, and Christine Yocum of Art & Style Baking.

At Sweet Celebrations you can find products at every price level to easily fit your budget.  The Shortbread Buttons (pictured below) are available in any of the 30 flavors and are beautifully packaged for events such as weddings.

The Colorado Avalanche is made with shortbread, homemade marshmallow, and almonds, then drizzled with chocolate.  YUM!

Beautifully hand-painted cookies by Christine Yocum.  I adore the fall theme!

Sweet Celebrations will package your gifts in these gorgeous boxes or a gift basket if you choose.

I see a lot of fabulous cakes at weddings. It is truly artistry what bakers do!  It is also important that a cake tastes great, because, really, that is the entire point!  Amanda Adams has the talent to create a cake that not only makes an impression visually, but tastes fabulous!

As a serious chocoholic myself, I definitely appreciated the work of Jenny Williams.  I’ll never turn down a truffle.

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Levi & Zee

I had the privilege of second-shooting the wedding of Levi & Zee a few weeks ago with Carrie Butler of Carrie Butler Photography.  Levi and Zee were such a gracious couple.  There were delays in the morning that caused a bit of a rush, but once they had the chance to have their first look before the ceremony, all the stress of the day disappeared.  As Zee approached and tapped Levi on the shoulder, he turned around and grinned.  Then the emotion took over and tears filled his eyes.  It was simply beautiful!

They could not have ordered a more perfect backdrop for their wedding at the Aspen Lodge in Broomfield, Colorado.  The afternoon sunlight poured through the clouds against the blue sky and made the landscape glow!

Thank you Levi & Zee for welcoming me to share your special day.  It was wonderful to work with you and your families!

Thank you also to Carrie Butler.  You are not only an extremely talented photographer, but also a truly nice person.  I’m happy to count you among my friends!

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Married in the Mountains: Jamie & Travis

I am so blessed to count Travis and Jamie among my friends. Since I met them over a year and a half ago, I have had the chance to get to know their wonderfully goofy personalities.  They are so much fun to hang out with!

Though I’ve thankfully never had to face her, Jamie can apparently kick some serious butt on a taekwondo mat, and Travis, a computer science guru, has recently become rather serious about the art of crafting wine.  Initially meeting at Jamie’s job interview, their two-year courtship culminated in a proposal from Travis while on a Caribbean cruise.  So romantic!  And the fact that Travis was able to pull it off after an allergic reaction testifies to the fact that he is one awesome guy.

After a great afternoon roving around Denver last year for their engagement photos, I knew spending their wedding day with them would be a blast. The day did not disappoint!  It was a beautiful day in Idaho Springs at Echo Mountain.  Travis and Jamie’s family and friends were not only warm and welcoming, but they could rock it on the dance floor as well.  I’ve said it before: I love a crew that can have a good time!  And life is too short not to take advantage of good music 🙂

Jamie and Travis, I am so happy for you two. I think you are a match made in Heaven and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you!

Jamie’s dad was the sweetest thing as he gave her away.  I had a difficult time seeing as my eyes teared up!

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Matteson Wedding Album

I get a thrill every time FedEx brings one of my new albums. Really.  I can honestly say that I don’t think I will ever get tired of it!  Each album is the culmination of  hours of work, and my heart goes into each and every design.

When your wedding day is over, my work is really just beginning.  I don’t consider my job complete until I have a beautifully designed album of evocative images to deliver.  It is such an honor for me to know that it will bring years of joy!

When I received Tory and Brittany’s album, I knew I had to share photos.  Their Garden of the Gods wedding is showcased with a 9 x 13 horizontal album in gorgeous textured green leather.  I love that my album company offers so many colors and textures!

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Crystal & Andrew

Andrew waited expectantly as his beautiful bride slowly approached the gazebo.  As Crystal passed her friends and family, she was unable to hold back any longer.  Tears flowed from her eyes as the emotion of this long-awaited day hit her.

I met Crystal over a year ago at my very first bridal show here in Colorado.  It was the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show in Denver, and she was the lucky winner of my photography package giveaway.  She had such a beautiful smile and warm personality!  Yesterday, I finally had the privilege of photographing the union of two loving families at the Koenig Alumni House on the Colorado University campus.

Though temperatures were high, it was clear that this crowd could go with the flow. Children ran about the grass, laughing and playing (and using their uncle for a jungle gym!), and Table 19 had enough fun for everyone! The reception was catered by Front Range Catering Company, owned by the groom’s family.  The food was outstanding, and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a group of 250 served so quickly.  I heartily recommend them to anyone looking to cater an event!

Thank you Crystal and Andrew for including me in your special day!

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Married: Philip & Fadia

One of the best ways to make your wedding unique to you as a couple is to celebrate the traditions of your culture.  My own family has lost any sense of our origins as my great-great grandparents immigrated in the early 1900s when it was more likely for those new to this country to assimilate. 

For that reason, it made my heart fill with joy to see Fadia surrounded by her loved ones as she descended the staircase of her home, to be swept up in dancing and chanting to rhythmic drumming.  The love and tradition continued throughout the day as two families were joined.

Thank you Philip and Fadia for allowing me to share such a heartfelt celebration!

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