Levi & Zee

I had the privilege of second-shooting the wedding of Levi & Zee a few weeks ago with Carrie Butler of Carrie Butler Photography.  Levi and Zee were such a gracious couple.  There were delays in the morning that caused a bit of a rush, but once they had the chance to have their first look before the ceremony, all the stress of the day disappeared.  As Zee approached and tapped Levi on the shoulder, he turned around and grinned.  Then the emotion took over and tears filled his eyes.  It was simply beautiful!

They could not have ordered a more perfect backdrop for their wedding at the Aspen Lodge in Broomfield, Colorado.  The afternoon sunlight poured through the clouds against the blue sky and made the landscape glow!

Thank you Levi & Zee for welcoming me to share your special day.  It was wonderful to work with you and your families!

Thank you also to Carrie Butler.  You are not only an extremely talented photographer, but also a truly nice person.  I’m happy to count you among my friends!

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