Welcome to my PhotoBlog! 

I fell in love with photography 10 years ago in Livingston, Montana, and haven’t looked back.  Though wedding and portrait photography takes up the majority of my time, I am always up for a good rodeo or anything else unusual that sounds like fun! 

I shoot primarily digital format, using Canon professional equipment.  I have a great time on my photoshoots (you will usually find me smiling and laughing!), but photography is my business, so I take it seriously.  That means I’ve invested time and money in photography equipment, and both computer hardware and software to get the job done right.  A set of backups is ready in case any equipment fails, and all digital files are backed up in several places to prevent loss of information.  At the end of your session or wedding, your images will be backed up on a portable harddrive, and when back at the office, they will be backed up again onto an external harddrive before an archival DVD is created.  My monitors are calibrated to match my print lab’s equipment, which allows me to know that your photographs will be printed exactly how they should be.

In addition, I spend a great deal of time each year learning the latest photographic techniques from some of the best in the business, and track down beautiful products to present to my clients.  My goal is to always work with the best vendors in order to ensure that you’ll have products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are created to last.

If you are interested, email me dmalanczuk@gmail.com  for further information!