Sweet Celebrations

If you’re ever in the market for something sweet to serve at an event, give to your clients as a thank you gift, or send to a loved one as a military care package, go see the ladies at Sweet Celebrations!  I stopped by this week, and  aside from having the opportunity to taste some wonderful desserts (that was tough!), it was a chance to get to know the partners and learn more about what they do.

Mary Guthery, owner of the Rocky Mountain Shortbread Company, started Sweet Celebrations just over a year ago.  She has since been joined by Jenny Williams of Chocoholic, Amanda Adams of The Sugar Plum Cake Shoppe, and Christine Yocum of Art & Style Baking.

At Sweet Celebrations you can find products at every price level to easily fit your budget.  The Shortbread Buttons (pictured below) are available in any of the 30 flavors and are beautifully packaged for events such as weddings.

The Colorado Avalanche is made with shortbread, homemade marshmallow, and almonds, then drizzled with chocolate.  YUM!

Beautifully hand-painted cookies by Christine Yocum.  I adore the fall theme!

Sweet Celebrations will package your gifts in these gorgeous boxes or a gift basket if you choose.

I see a lot of fabulous cakes at weddings. It is truly artistry what bakers do!  It is also important that a cake tastes great, because, really, that is the entire point!  Amanda Adams has the talent to create a cake that not only makes an impression visually, but tastes fabulous!

As a serious chocoholic myself, I definitely appreciated the work of Jenny Williams.  I’ll never turn down a truffle.

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  1. Mary says:

    These are great pictures Danielle!!

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