Wedding FAQ

What is your style of photography?  My approach to wedding photography is a documentary style, though not strictly “hands-off” photojournalistic.  My goal is to record the details that will show the essence of your day, capturing a range of details, emotions, and candid moments.  I generally encourage the bride and groom to plan some time to take photographs alone.  Stepping away from the busy atmosphere of the wedding allows you to relax, and I am able to capture the resulting emotion and intimacy.  Prior to your wedding, we’ll have a consultation where I will be able to find out what your individual preferences are.

What are your package prices?  I have an extensive list of packages, so it is easier for me to mail you a copy of my pricelist along with my brochure.  If you are interested, please send your mailing address to me at  Please include your wedding date so I can check my availability, and your wedding location in case I need to give you a destination quote. 

Can I get digital negatives of my images? All wedding packages include a CD of your images with copyright release.

When should I book your services? As soon as you’ve decided you’d like me to be your wedding photographer!  Since most weddings take place on the weekend, there are few to choose from so dates are reserved quickly.  To reserve your date, a deposit of 1/3 of your chosen package price is due when the contract is signed.

Do you retouch photos? I will do basic retouching (e.g. minor blemishes and under-eye circles) on any close-up portraits.  Beyond that, there is a charge for retouching based on the time involved for digital work.

When do you take photos of the bride and groom? Whenever you prefer.  Some couples take the traditional route and stay hidden until the ceremony, and others like to set up a time before the ceremony to capture the moment in a more intimate setting.  It’s up to you.  In either case, I recommend that at some point after your ceremony we slip away from everyone and take some photos of you together without any distractions.  This will result in more intimate photographs of you as a couple.

When do you take group photographs of the families? Whenever you prefer!  It is usually easier to do these group shots immediately after the ceremony when everyone is in one place.  If you give everyone advance notice, we can get the photos done quickly.  The key is having one family member in charge who will call everyone to the right place at the right time.