Kari and AJ at The Woodlands

…I had finally found someone whom I felt completely comfortable to be myself around; someone who made me laugh every single day…

…when you came into my life, the world as I knew it disappeared…

Their lives changed when Kari relocated to Nevada as a teacher and was introduced to AJ by his sister.  Three years of memories later, with a forest of pines for a backdrop, Kari and AJ read their vows with both laughter and tears.  Their love and respect for each other was obvious.

I’m always humbled to share these emotional celebrations!  It restores my faith in the world to see couples so committed to one another.  Thank you Kari and AJ for inviting me to share your wedding day!   












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3 Responses to Kari and AJ at The Woodlands

  1. Donna Eliason says:

    What a gorgeous wedding, but an even more gorgeous couple…. both inside and out. It was my pleasure to share “their day”!

  2. Gwen Lister says:

    Wow Kids!! What a elegant day! Everything went perfectly just like your relationship! Enjoyed every moment and memory. We Love You So So much! Thank you Danielle! You’re the best! You captured it so perfectly! Sincerely, Gwen and Judge Michael Lister

  3. Teri Funsch says:

    The day was just like a romantic movie – only in real life! I am so proud to have been in the audience to witness it. May your love and happiness grow even deeper for each other with each passing day.

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