Brittany & Tory at Garden of the Gods

God has definitely been smiling on me and my clients. 

Another engagement session down to the wire!  Several weeks prior we had scheduled the 12th for Brittany and Tory’s engagement session at Garden of the Gods.  I knew the weather had to be perfect to get the kind of photographs I wanted for them.  With full sun, those beautiful, red rock formations light up, but with cloud cover they can look just  bland.  Thankfully, after a night of thunderstorms and an early morning of low-lying fog and clouds, we had sun and bright blue skies just in time.  We couldn’t have asked for a better morning!

Brittany and Tory were fantastic and willing to climb all over those rocks (Brittany in a skirt and flip-flops, no less!)  then traipse through bushes and meadows to get some different perspectives.  I can’t imagine photos at Garden of the Gods without taking full advantage of everything it has to offer! 

Thanks you two for a great session!  I had a blast!






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