Jamie & Travis

The weather has presented quite a challenge this month to say the least!  As I was driving up to Denver on Sunday afternoon, I could see that half the sky was blue with white clouds, and the other half was just a mess of dark gray storm clouds.  All I could do was pray that the storm would be moving out in time for our session!  

I had a blast driving around Denver with Jamie and Travis, and though Travis was supposedly not quite comfortable in front of the camera, I couldn’t tell at all!  They were so natural and loving that it was super easy to photograph them.  Thanks Jamie and Travis for a great afternoon!







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2 Responses to Jamie & Travis

  1. Jamie says:

    OMG These pictures are SOOOO fantastic. I love them. They came out so awesome! Thanks, Danielle, for a great afternoon. Travis and I just think you are wonderful!

  2. Mom says:

    these are just wonderful!! May your life be as happy as these pictures reflect!!

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