Premier Bride at the Fine Arts Center

It took me a bit, but I’m finally posting some photos from Premier Bride’s Open House at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs!  I had a great time meeting other vendors, and thoroughly enjoyed the food provided by Garden of the Gods Catering, The Food Designers, and The Picnic Basket.   I was even brave enough to have my caricature done!  Thanks to Premier Bride Magazine and Maggie Moran of Celebrations by Maggie for putting on such a fun event.

The official greeters, looking smooth!



Anne looking gorgeous next to a Rolls Royce from ddg Classics


Ginger, smiling and ready to sign guests in with a nametag






Garden of the Gods Catering circulated with fantastic hors d’oeuvres.  With the constant temptation of food, I had a difficult time doing my job!


Andy & Elizabeth from The Food Designers…and more outstanding hors d’oeuvres!


Bree enjoying carrot cake from Boonzaaijer’s.  True to my nature, I sampled the chocolate cake and heartily recommend it!


I prefer to stay behind the camera, but I have to admit that photo booths are always a good time!  Brothers Steve and John Hofmeister from Booth 66 brought theirs down from the Denver area.


John is definitely the ham……


Official greeting duties finished, and having a good time!


A job well done!  Maggie, Shelley, and Stephanie.


Giveaways put together by Cachet Basket Co.


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One Response to Premier Bride at the Fine Arts Center

  1. Heather J says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

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