Heather & AJ

I arrived back home yesterday from my week-long trip to Northern California, and I am having a hard time resuming a normal schedule!   I actually did work while I was there (over 1500 pictures worth of work!), but I will admit that the trip leaned heavily toward vacation.  I LOVE to eat, so I took full advantage of my opportunity to indulge in a new restaurant each day.  I didn’t have to move far from Saratoga to eat well; Lupretta’s Delicatessen for a gooey meatball sub and divine cannoli, Florentine’s Trattoria for Veal and Spinach Ravioli, and Vienna Wood’s Delicatessen for Swiss Bratwurst on French Bread.  I spent a day shopping in San Jose topped off by perfectly spiced gyros at Yassou, and the next day enjoyed a family-style dinner of Caesar Salad, Four Cheese Ravioli and Chicken Marsala (to die for!) with friends at Maggiano in Santana Row.  

Monday was without a doubt the most relaxing day I’ve had in a long time.  After lunch at Pasta Pomodoro (grilled chicken panini and fresh bruschetta) I headed to Burke Williams Day Spa in Santana Row for a massage.  Walking through their double doors transports you into a tranquil world of pampering, the perfect remedy for a busy life.  Really, you feel like the Queen of Sheba wandering around the luxurious facility!  I had to leave, of course, but feeling refreshed, headed out to a fun evening in Los Gatos.  We stopped at Andale Taqueria, and I enjoyed the mouthwatering Andale Burrito with Chile Verde before seeing the movie “Nights in Rodanthe” (I love Diane Lane and Richard Gere, but it really was a bit depressing!)  

All in all, a great vacation, made better when enjoyed with friends and family!  


Here is a quick peek at some of the “work” part of my stay.  I had a great time photographing Heather and AJ at the park (how much does that sweet little guy adore his Mommy?!)  Photos from the bridal session will be posted soon…


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2 Responses to Heather & AJ

  1. Kimberly Eldahman says:

    Beautiful photos! I look forward to seeing the bridal shoot! Enjoyed the description of your adventures in California’s South Bay.

  2. pam & todd says:

    we love all of your photographs & enjoy your blog!

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