Wedding images on CD

More of my clients have asked about the option of purchasing their wedding images on CD.  I have no problem with that.  Many photographers balk at the idea of giving up the images, because print sales are part of the traditional profit margin that allow us to justify the enormous investment in camera equipment to do the job right, and computer hardware & software for the hours of digital post-processing that takes place afterward (not to mention all the regular costs of doing business…)  No photographer wants to invest time and money in this craft, only to have Walmart and Costco walk away with the profit on prints! 

But times have changed, and I believe it’s important to create a win-win situation.  Couples invest a lot of money in weddings and often want to own all their images, knowing that they are safe and sound if the photographer relocates.  I don’t blame them!  On the other hand, I do not give my image files away for free, because they represent a significant amount of money, time and effort.  I offer the images for purchase on CD along with detailed instructions for safe archiving, and recommendations for printing.  In this way, both client and photographer can feel good about working together.      

Of course, now that I offer image files for sale, it is important to have great packaging.  (I can’t imagine handing my couples a few disks in paper sleeves marked with a Sharpie!)  So internet to the rescue…. I recently found these great double folios with a cameo cutout in the front, and also purchased a printer to paint images on the CDs.  Very cool!   


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