Another day, another snake…

No pictures today.  Rattlesnake #2 (a slightly smaller version of Rattlesnake #1) was spotted by Gabe this morning as it slithered across the lawn and beneath the porch.  I had been feeling pretty good about eliminating the snake yesterday and didn’t think I’d see another one. After all, we didn’t see a single one by the house last year.  I always assume they’re around, but as long as they’re minding their own business in the fields I’m not going after them.  But, good grief!  Two days in a row!  David got a rake and snatched the trespasser out and chopped off its head.  As he started to cut the rattle off the tail, the headless front end of the snake whipped around toward his hand to attack…CREEPY!!!  Clearly one big bundle of a nervous system on these things…gives me the willies.

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One Response to Another day, another snake…

  1. Trace says:

    I was going to come for a visit one of these days….maybe not.

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