Livingston Roundup- 1st Evening

I had a blast at the Livingston Roundup as usual!  It’s always a packed house with lots of enthusiasm. My son had to deal with hay fever, but once the wind died down he was able to hang on through to the fireworks.  (For those of you suffering from allergies, I feel for you…it makes life miserable!)

I pulled out my camera to catch some of the saddle bronc competition, but by the time the ladies’ barrel racing came around, it was too dark for me to get anything decent.  Hmmm….maybe I have a good reason to check out the Quantum flash units…..



Kessler stock giving the cowboys a rough time as always….


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One Response to Livingston Roundup- 1st Evening

  1. Arlen says:

    Hi there friend. Just found your website tonight for the first time. Enjoyed it all! Good work! Glad to see you’re using a Mac! Blessings, and have a great 4th! (2 Sam 22:31)

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