Up & running again….and some wedding portraits!

So I upgraded to OSX Leopard on Friday evening, and all seemed to go well.  Saturday morning I tried to start up my MAC aaaaand……..nothing but a grey circle with a slash through it.  I couldn’t imagine THAT was a good symbol to get on the computer screen!  Turned out that my hard drive had failed. (Glad I’m a fanatic about backing up..)  Thankfully I decided to immediately leave a message for my Mac dealer, Bob Segil (at Rainbow Enterprises here in Livingston) as he’s headed out of town on vacation this week! He got me up and running again, just in time for my next wedding this weekend.  (Thanks Bob! I hope your vacation is a blast!)  

Now that I am up and running (sort of) I can add a few more photos from the Nevada City shoot, taken inside the Nevada City hotel and on the museum grounds.  I should have my photoshop upgrade on Thursday so I can work on the rest…  




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2 Responses to Up & running again….and some wedding portraits!

  1. hollitrue says:

    I love these shots you have captured. The first shot totally caught me eye! 🙂 Nice portfolio!

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