You know that you are slightly behind when you go to check out someone’s Myspace gallery and up pops a message that says your “version of Internet Explorer is really old.”  Okay.  So apparently I need to upgrade my Mac (I am writing this post from my PC by the way as my Mac isn’t currently compatible with WordPress either…) 

It isn’t that I am against upgrades (though I generally don’t jump right in whenever one comes out), but I have read so many conflicting reports about upgrading Macs.  Basically I’m scared to death that everything will fall apart.  Unfortunately, the situation has gotten pretty bad, and too much of the software I need to use for my photography requires the upgrade.  *sigh*   So I’m going to spend the money (ouch!) and upgrade my OS X and Adobe software.  That means I’ll now be able to use the Nik software I bought at WPPI 2008, and buy those Boutwell actions I’ve been drooling over…..

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