Graduation Time

Graduation time is just about here.  A HUGE thank you to all the students I photographed. You were a terrific group to work with….I had a blast! 

Since I did not have my blog until a few months ago, I am going to post some of my 2008 Seniors when I get the chance.  First up is Maggie.  Maggie used to babysit my kids before she relocated to Helena.  I was so happy to take her Senior portraits this year, as she was always willing to model for me when I had an idea for a crazy new location that I wanted to try out.  I dragged her out early in the mornings, into the cold Yellowstone River, over creaky steel bridges…you name it!  Maggie was always ready to help me out.  As you can see, the camera loves her…

This first picture was taken in my studio, and is one of the designs I offer for announcements:

Announcement Option


Very cool steel bridge shots.  What you CAN’T see is that the wood slats are old and have quite a bit of room between them.  It spans the Yellowstone River which can get pretty turbulent during spring run-off.  Needless to say, Maggie was stepping lightly!

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One Response to Graduation Time

  1. Jake~ says:

    Beautiful young woman – stunning captures! Great job, I love them all!

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