Coyotes, wolves, and bears…oh, my!

My dog fights coyotes on a nightly basis, and we’ve even had a pair of wolves attacking her in the back yard, so I guess it was inevitable that the kids would be involved at some point…

The weather finally broke this weekend and we had temperatures of around 70 degrees. Definitely a welcome relief after a cold, snowy winter! My kids immediately headed out to play in the hills behind the house. (I tend to watch them like a hawk as we have quite a number of rattlesnakes in the area, but I figured it is still a bit early for them to be out in force. So off they went and I didn’t worry too much.)

Naturally, I should have known better. I heard some shouts and peeked out the window to see what was going on. They were running down the very steep, rocky hill…not easy, so I knew something must be wrong. I finally made out what they were shouting…..”Bear!!!” I raced up to help them climb down…my four year old was in a panic yelling “Mommy, help me!” Turns out they ran into a mother black bear and her cub. By the grace of God, the bears ran the opposite way. We see bears occasionally, but it was unusual for them to be this close to the house. Thankfully it was only a close encounter and nothing more.

(Hmmm…I’d better check to see if the fence is still up. If the bear crashed through it, my horses might be able to escape!)

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2 Responses to Coyotes, wolves, and bears…oh, my!

  1. Trace says:

    Yeah, I hear ya. We recently had a chipmunk causing some trouble. We were lucky, but next time it could be a squirrel. You know Jersey is dangerous.

  2. Kim says:

    Bear, chipmunk … listen, I have an attack squirrel in the tree behind my patio that’s part of the mafia. He steals items right of the patio. When I try to stop him, he whirls around, stares me down, and threatens to dump me in the ocean in cement shoes.

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