WPPI 2008-Part 1

So I’m back from Las Vegas and recovering from the complete sensory overload! (There are really no words to fully describe Las Vegas, though gaudy and over-the-top come to mind.) The convention was fantastic and I had a blast learning from so many talented people.

My two day class with Matthew Jordan Smith was more than I hoped for. He is an AMAZING individual…incredibly talented and so generous with his time. He taught us some of his studio technique using a hot light, beauty dish, and natural light. Just before our time was up, he took us on a “field trip” to Bambi Cantrell’s class. What a blast! We had the opportunity to watch Bambi and Matthew duke it out…photographing four punked out models in their own unique styles. Two masters at work…I was in heaven! (Check out their work at: http://www.matthewjordansmith.com and http://www.cantrellportrait.com.)

Below are some of the photos I took in class with Las Vegas model Russella Naughton using a single hot light.




And some snaps of the two masters at work!



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3 Responses to WPPI 2008-Part 1

  1. Kimberly Malanczuk says:

    Beautiful creative expression! The Las Vegas trip sounds like it was a fantastic opportunity to learn from la creme de la creme.

  2. It was inspiring to say the least!

  3. Shailendar says:

    Sounds so fabulous, and I love all the piucerts. My favorite though is of the Temple, probably because it is just absolutely beautiful and you can’t help but just love everyone that you see. I’m so glad you could go and come back with great knowledge!

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