3rd/5th Armored Cavalry Vietnam Era Black Knights

Just taking time to post some photos I took this past summer at the Black Knights reunion. I spent 3 days at the Huntley Lodge in Big Sky, Montana photographing this group of guys and it was a fantastic experience.

No matter what your political leanings, it’s always important to remember the men and women who serve our country. Thank them for their service when you have a chance. While the civilian population is surfing the net and drinking lattes from Starbucks, these folks are going through things we can’t imagine.





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3 Responses to 3rd/5th Armored Cavalry Vietnam Era Black Knights

  1. Kimberly Malanczuk says:

    I remember you discussing this interesting trip. I would love to read about your experiences with this great group of people. How do manage a large photography project such as this? By the way, don’t forget to forward your new blog to these folks!

  2. I plan ahead! Since this was a new location for me, I took a trip there ahead of time to familiarize myself with the area. I asked a lot of questions about how their general reunion schedule so I knew what to expect and how I wanted to approach the photography. It was a fantastic experience for me and didn’t seem like work at all!

  3. Marshall says:


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